Our drive


What is Tagtoes

Tagtoes is where learning all starts, learning by playing.

The first game a child plays as a baby is trying to reach his toes with his hands, and that’s how we learn. We learn by playing, by exploring, and by having fun in what we do. Tagtoes is all about bringing this back into our kids education.

We strongly believe our current education system is outdated, we are going to change this! We will bring back the fun of learning, we will make use of the latest touch based technologies and will introduce a cloud based student tracking system that allows kids, teachers and parents to see what our children are working on, how well they are doing and give individual attention and advice to each and every child, without forgetting the personal attention that everyone needs.

Yes, we are parents, and we love our children! We love them so much that we only want the best for them and all other kids all over the world.

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Our Vision

To transform all education into a fun engaging experience for everyone.