Educational value

Games are known and notorious for their attention span. Disrupt a gamer while they are playing and you will get a different reaction that you would normally get. This is because of the high state of concentration the gamer is currently in. They are so focused on getting their task done that breaking their concentration feels like they are torn away from their connection with the game. Like being dragged out of a telephone conversation that was still in a state of getting vital information.

This uppermost state of concentration is highly interesting. For it is the same state of concentration you wish your kids to attain in the classroom. Unfortunately the classroom is not designed as a game, so the attention span is not the same.

This is were Tagtoes comes in. Providing games that trigger this concentration and attention span to happen, and in this moment let the children learn a valuable lesson. A lesson that will be long remembered. Dig into your own experience. Aren’t the best remembered lessons bound to a pleasant memory or positive happening?

Luckily we are not the only ones saying this. Studies have found the same solid grounds for this. Take a look:

2 quotes: wish same concentration in the classroom + university

So we are just going to put five rabbits on screen, display the task: 1+1=? and have kids drag 2 rabbits into a cage? Oh please no. That feels like a typical teachers’ approach on games.
The essence of games is that the game needs to be fun. Number one rule: fun. Otherwise, no play, kids away. Fun means entertaining, challenging.
Another crucial part of games is that it needs to be rewarding when you make progress or accomplish something. This is to keep the attention span going and to scare away the king of boredom.

Already there yet? No, we also need to have flow. Go with the flow? No, flow is the fine line that balances between frustration and success.

I guess you will know what happens when the 2 rabbits are in the cage? Next level! 1+3=? Ok, challenge gone, bye bye gamer, she is on the next app.

This is exactly why we would like to help the education industry. As professional game developer, we would like to jump in and fill that hole. Help out the teachers, parents and foremost children to help them learn their essentials.

So at Tagtoes we design learning experiences, not educational apps, but games and apply the learning content into the game. Not in front but on the layer behind it, so that the lesson is bound to the pleasant experience. It’s a tougher path that needs to be taken, but we believe it will pay off in the end.

Each product will have great educational value, depth of content and will be connected to our cloud based student tracking system. We want to make sure our products are of the highest industry value, are engaging and above all fun.

Hopefully you’ll walk with us! We are sure children will enjoy our content.