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Our learning experiences


Discovering Pirates
Can you get pirate Rough’nTough escape from the island?
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Patchy’s Choo-Choo
Learn all animals by shape, name and sound.
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Discovering Bees
Discover the world of bees! Experience the fun of the bee life.
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While the world is moving fast, education is lagging behind. Small steps are made, however the large steps seem not to be taken. We feel bad for the children as their education could be much more memorable and turned into a tremendous experience learning event. One of the problems is that most teachers are not technology driven nor are they game designers. So for most of the children, everything stays the same, until new books arrive after many years. Let’s change this. Tagtoes is there to help children, teachers and parents. Reach out to us and let us know what we can do for you and your kids future!

Feedback from our ‘students’


This game provides plenty of gameplay for young kids. The nice thing is that they learn a lot as well!
by  Bacolex

Kids enjoy this game tremendously… When can we play more, they ask regularly! Good practice for iPad skills. We are also waiting anxiously for the next episode. Even found all coins!
by Cleo 2

We can’t wait for the coming episodes!
by Fam. Deeben